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Mainsim is a CMMS/EAM comprehensive and reliable maintenance software with a simple user-friendly interface to organize, schedule, and manage all buildings, machine, and property maintenance actions and allow you to collaborate in real-time with your team, customers, and suppliers on one shared platform.

Mainsim srl  
Type: SaaS
TRL: 9


Design of hybrid Digital Twin solutions applicable to the manufacturing domain but not limited to it. The approach might rely on the use of virtual/augmented reality complementing the physics/data-oriented models, or the use of simulation or modeling with AI-based approaches, alleviating problems related to data scarcity.

Mobile Middleware Research Group  
Armir Bujari 
Type: software-docker
TRL: 6


Our digital twin is a multi-layer data model of the physical assets and can mirror the behavior based on physics (RPM, pressure, etc.). In this way, the user can track the difference of deviation provided by the model.

Industrial Analytics IA GmbH  
Type: Consulting offering, software solution offering, hardware offering
TRL: 9


EnginSoft digital twin for offshore structures allows: i)smarter and more efficient assets, ii) reduce the cost of offshore projects, iii) improve the safety, iv) connect the numerical data with sensors and automations

EnginSoft SpA  
Type: Solution Offering
TRL: 9


This full-service solution is sure to improve a factory’s production and logistics processes as well as planning accuracy. For both large and small business, factory digital twin has a variety of benefits for planners and schedulers.

Dijitalis Ltd.  
Type: Bundle Offering for individual deployment {Simulation, Repository, Analytics, ...
TRL: 9


Digitization of Production Processes is enabled by modelling the process, combining process log data with process model and analysing, simulating and visualising the status of the production process.

BOC Group  
Robert Woitsch 
Type: Software-Package: Open-Source version for process modelling, simulation and monitoring
TRL: 6