BI·tal Business Intelligence 

BI·tal Business Intelligence

ITCL Centro Tecnológico  
Diego Martínez 
Type: Software and consultancy
TRL: 8

ITCL offers a digital twin based on the development of a virtual model of an industrial system.

From the analysis of all the data of an specific process, relationships are established between the different variables of the system:

  • Contour variables (which cannot be modified)
  • Control variables (setpoints that can be modified, manually or automatically)
  • Variables to optimize (which are those that improve the process).

In this way, with BITAL our clients:

  1. Collect and monitor the data for long enough to deploy the model.
  2. Virtual models (digital twin) are developed, establishing the relationships between all the variables that influence the model.
  3. Control strategies are deployed that optimize the process:
    • Simulating setpoint changes in the digital twin.
    • Identifying those changes on the setpoints that optimize the objective.
    • Proposing changes in those setpoints, to be carried out manually.
    • Or automatically modifying those setpoints.
    • Checking that, with the new configuration, the new scenario optimizes the previous one.
    • And looking for new optimal scenarios on the digital twin
  4. Deviations can be detected in the models that predict inefficiencies or anticipate breakdowns.
  5. Simulations of how any specific change affects the process can be carried out (new equipment, changes on fixed setpoints)

Applications of these digital twins are diverse, in the industrial fields of production, maintenance and energy efficiency. ITCL has special expertise in:

  • Digital twin of industrial refrigeration facilities. Modifying setpoints automatically to optimize the global performance of the installation (COP)
  • Digital twin of compressed air installations. Modifying setpoints automatically to optimize the global performance of the installation.
  • Digital twin of presses (metal sector). Stopping the press when deviations are detected in the models that anticipate a breakdown.
  • Digital twin of presses (metal sector). Proposing adjustments to maximize productivity and minimize damage to the presses.
  • Digital twin of injectors (plastic sector). Proposing adjustments in the injectors to maximize productivity and quality of the process.

IPR / Licence

Bilateral commercial licence agreement.


The digitization of the company involves an enormous amount of data and the efficient management of this data and its treatment are key tools to turn information into a competitive advantage. Each one of our solutions has data processing tools, visualization of indicators, etc. In addition, we can connect our solutions to other data sources to obtain KPIs that combine production data, energy, maintenance, planning (ERP, CRM), or any indicator that is key to the business. We also develop artificial intelligence algorithms for the efficient use of data, becoming, alltogether, the digital twin of each process.


Digital twin of industrial refrigeration facilities:

Digital twin of presses (metal sector). Steel client. > 10 factories all over the world.

Digital twin of injectors (plastic sector). Plastic client in Burgos. 2 factories.