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Do you want to know which type of digital twin applies to your business and whether you’re ready for digital twins? The Compass tool is an assessment that links your ambition & business need with digital transitions and potential digital twins solutions.

Joke Bruining 
Type: Consultancy / Online Tool / Software Tool
TRL: 8


The Cordis SUITE low-code platform is extended with the Author-e tool. This allows Cordis users to create and maintain design documentation, which are by design always in sync with the project life cycle.

Author-e BV.  
Egbert Heuvelman 
Type: SaaS, On premises
TRL: 7/9


Dominus EYE is a first truly dynamic analysis engine for risk management. It offers data vizualization and management, offers updates in real-time and is highly customizable.

Dominus Tech Ltd  
Gasper Hladnik 
Type: Software Offering (SaaS)
TRL: 7


Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana or ELK stack is a monitoring stack offered by CloudBroker in form of software as a service in the cloud.

CloudBroker GmbH  
Type: Software as a Service
TRL: 9


Emulous is an Australian start-up focused on Digital Twin and data analytics technology that employs powerful tools to provide companies a modern way to run their business processes entirely based on data and intelligence.

Ignacio Ramos 
Type: Consulting Offering: Consulting, Offering Simio modelling knowledge and training, experience and interpretation.
TRL: 8


FabMetrics is a platform to help Machine Builders and OEMs to offer AI driven IIoT digital services to their clients. FabMetrics help to offer high quality digital service with its low code platform and ‘plug and play’ vision. FabMetrics also offers process digital twin solution in the platform which can be utilized by manufacturers or machine builders

Naim Kenan Hacıevliyagil 
Type: Software
TRL: 7