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CloudBroker platform provides a marketplace where you can offer your own cloud resources and application software or use resources and software provided by others.

CloudBroker GmbH  
Nicola Fantini 
Type: Software as a Service
TRL: 8

Mainsim is a CMMS/EAM comprehensive and reliable maintenance software with a simple user-friendly interface to organize, schedule, and manage all buildings, machine, and property maintenance actions and allow you to collaborate in real-time with your team, customers, and suppliers on one shared platform.

Mainsim srl  
Type: SaaS
TRL: 9


CoppeliaSim (formerly V-REP) is used for fast algorithm development, factory automation simulations, fast prototyping and verification, robotics related education, remote monitoring, safety double-checking, as digital twin, and much more.

Marc Freese 
Type: Software
TRL: 7


The solution provides a complex, customizable, and scalable backend and dashboard system for manufacturers to monitor and visualize their operations. Data can come from various sources: sensors, PLCs, etc. Based on the collected and integrated data, we build customized digital twins for individual producing steps or whole processes.

Cubilog Ltd.  
Type: Software, Consultancy
TRL: 9


Design of hybrid Digital Twin solutions applicable to the manufacturing domain but not limited to it. The approach might rely on the use of virtual/augmented reality complementing the physics/data-oriented models, or the use of simulation or modeling with AI-based approaches, alleviating problems related to data scarcity.

Mobile Middleware Research Group  
Armir Bujari 
Type: software-docker
TRL: 6


Doppelganger Pro is a digital twin simulation software evironment enabling to build virtual process flows from pre-defined or user-defined modules. Users may build or generate, simulate and experiment with alternative process configurations on a realistic, deccelerated or accelerated timeline and/or under realistic or unrealistic virtual-world conditions.

The Designery s.r.o  
Robert Linhardt 
Type: Software
TRL: 2