Cloud, HPC & data storage 

Cloud, HPC and data storage infrastructure and software

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Type: IaaS, Paas, SaaS
TRL: 9

PSNC offers High Performance Computing (HPC), cloud solutions and storage for academic, government and business. Our successful users are offered with 5.9PFlop/s of computational power, 300TB of main memory and 47PB of data storage.

The HPC Altair machine, currently ranked at #186 on TOP500 list, supports industrial simulations and engineering tools, scientific computations and Big Data analytics in many scientific domains: astrophysics, oil&gas, automotive, marine, and chemistry, just to name few. In order to guarantee fast and reliable I/O operations, the Lustre-based storage is connected via Infiniband.

Our cloud computing solution is based on OpenStack that connects computational servers, network and storage solutions together. Virtual machines can on different Linux OS (including Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian) and Windows. Our solution allows services such as data analytics, visualization, databases and applications to be run in reliable and efficient environment. Our offer includes:

  • Virtual machines running under control of operating system of your choice

  • Computational machines running in cloud environment

  • Private clouds to administer virtual machines creation by your own

  • Cloud-based data storage and management

Our fast and reliable storage provides solutions for Big Data Analysis, I/O demanding applications and safe, long-term repository that is coupled with our cloud solutions and HPC offering. Efficient HPC and cloud-based applications are supported with reliable and efficient storage based on the Lustre software, while the storage itself is connected via Infiniband FDR to computing facilities. Such solution guarantees high level of concurrent read and write operations on large data sets, including input data, volumes created during the application run (e.g. for checkpointing purposes) or for post-processing.

The cloud systems are connected via Fibre Channel, Infiniband and 10/100 Gbit Ethernet with clustered file systems and data arrays. Moreover, our cloud solutions come with Software Defined Storage, allowing storage dynamic configuration based on deployed service requirements. Our storage infrastructure allows for running Big Data analysis, including Hadoop and Spark.

IPR / Licence

Bilateral agreement.

For the Window OS additional commercial license is needed.

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