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Gasper Hladnik 
Type: Software Offering (SaaS)
TRL: 7

Dominus EYE works as a first truly dynamic risk management analysis engine.  It works by aggregating, interpreting and translating raw data from your current systems into a real time summary of risk across your estate. This provides an evolving picture of risk, empowering you to make the right decisions at the right time. 

The team that developed Dominus EYE consists of various experts in curating data for outsourced personnel service providers. The team has a lot of experience with manned guarding industry services in the UK and this is also where we applied our first deployments of the solution. We are developing Dominus EYE to be suitable for use in other services sectors, from events, catering, cleaning and other companies that provide human hours as an outsourced service. In addition, Dominus EYE can easily be deployed in manufacturing, especially in manufacturing SMEs, to easily and efficiently track performance and risk levels in a manufacturing process.

By operating with Dominus Tech, your company can save both time and money. Your risk is managed by our risk management engine and deviations from optimum performance are pinpointed in real time, so you can act fast when alerted to both issues and opportunities.

Our interactive Time Chart offers a visual representation of our customer’s estate, organization or process’s risk score. Dominus EYE works by aggregating and interpreting different data and turning these inputs into an intuitive visual simulation of the changing levels of risk and performance levels presented as nodes in the user’s risk overview. This all affects the risk and performance assessment.

This gives our customers the ability to compare relative risk scores across all your risk entities thus granting you visibility on how your decisions have impacted your overall performance.  The performance and risk of each of the nodes is constantly monitored to the optimum targets that are pre- and re-set by the user. Sub optimums influence the main organization’s optimum.

Separating signals from noise, EYE streamlines strategic and operational decisions by finding mission-critical information from masses of data in real time, allowing you to dive into the details and make informed decisions.

The Dominus EYE’s model is simple and intuitive, using a simple scale. The Dominus EYE model similarly allows the user to compare different risk factors according to their (pre)set weight. If their influence might change, the model recalibrates itself automatically. This gives a real-time constantly updated picture that empower the user to make the right decisions at the right time. This might include a multitude of small incremental changes or tackling the ‘big elephant in the room’ to achieve the desired financial outcome.

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