Naim Kenan Hacıevliyagil 
Type: Software
TRL: 7

FabMetrics is a platform for Machine Builders / OEM that will quickly provide digital services with its products. The digital services can be configured in a short time. Thus, machine manufacturers can offer white label Industrial IoT and Artificial Intelligence software solutions integrated with their products to their customers with low initial investment without the burden of software development processes. On the FabMetrics platform, machine builders will be able to monitor the machines in the field, perform operational follow-up of the digital services provided (spare parts demand, service follow-ups, usage tracking) and to offer the following 4 products (whitelabel) to its customers:

  1. FabMetrics Gateway: From the assets in the factory (Machinery, Equipment, etc.) IoT data collection and preprocessing (pre-processing, sensor fusion, etc.) solution.
  2. FabMetrics MES: The solution that provides performance and production information to those working on the production line, downloads work orders to production and collects operational operations during work order.
  3. FabMetrics Insight: The interface and dashboards where the data collected from the field with MES and Gateway and the outputs of artificial intelligence models created with FabMetrics AI are delivered to the end user. It also gives process digital twin of machines for machine builders and manufacturers.
  4. FabMetrics AI: The solution where models are developed , trained, run and outputs are produced to analyze time series data from the field

IPR / Licence

FabMetrics doesn’t have any patent, copyright or trademarks, however we will develop some hardware solutions that can be patented. Company prices (projection on 2023):

  • Average SaaS Income per Manufacturer (monthly) - 2.000 €;
  • Average Starting Project Sales Price (for Machine Builders for integration) - 22.500 €

Contact Person

Naim Kenan Hacıevliyagil


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