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Type: Software as a Service
TRL: 8

CloudBroker platform is a commercial application for the deployment and execution of compute-intensive scientific and technical software in the cloud.

CloudBroker platform provides a marketplace where you can offer your own cloud resources and application software or use resources and software provided by others.

It offers a marketplace where users can register, deploy, charge for and use their own cloud resources and application software or use resources and software provided by others.

The CloudBroker Platform is suitable for any kind of batch-oriented command line software, both Linux or Windows-based and both serial or parallel (via MPI or other tools). It can be accessed through any web browser and through different application programming interfaces (APIs). The Platform is available in hosted and licensed variants. We also provide corresponding consulting, training and support.

Some features of the CloudBroker Platform have been developed within the SCI-BUS, CloudiFacturing, CloudSME EU projects. There the Platform is used to access software from scientific gateways, portals and workflows as well as for simulations in manufacturing and engineering.

Two core elements of CB working flows are Instances and Jobs.

Instance is basically a virtual machine on particular cloud that can be setup either from scratch or using an existing deployment: with preinstalled Operation system and software set.

Some additional features you can add to your instances are as follows:

  • You can configure your own Firewall rules and apply them to your instances

  • You can add an attachable storage to your instance/instances in order to save the data even in case of unexpected instance failure.

  • Next, you can select a key pair allowing you to connect to a specific instance via SSH.

  • Also, you can register and set a domain name, providing a constant internet address to your instance.

  • Additionally, we support Cloud-init option, that allows you to add a set of scripts that are executed as soon as the instance is started.

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