Customizable Industry 4.0 remote monitoring, automation controlling, and visualization 

Customizable Industry 4.0 remote monitoring, automation controlling, and visualization solution

Cubilog Ltd.
Type: Software, Consultancy
TRL: 9

The Industree solution is available since 2016 and is constantly developed according to customer needs. We primarily work with SMEs who, in most cases, have a diverse set of machinery and level of digitization. The solution is designed to provide modules according to the particular need. We are able to solve customer requests from data collection to complex and sophisticated data analysis and reporting. We are also able to provide critical information for production management applications, but we do not manage machinery or production.

The Solution’s capabilities are:

  • Collect and unify data from different sources: physical sensors, other kinds of devices,(semi)automated machinery via its PLCs, web-based data sources, etc.
  • Monitoring of parameters and/or production processes with advanced and multilevel alerting functions.
  • Visualize real-time data on dashboards, where the dashboards are customized for the user’s role.
  • Creation of custom-built digital twins for individual process steps or the whole production process.

The dashboard system also contains an analytical module, where users can create and plan their own workflow from used material to steps of production. This analytic model can visualize the workflow with real data and provide the possibilities for the identification and enhancement of weak points.


Cubilog provides a cloud base solution that is running on a virtual machine in the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, or any other). Integration is available with APIs.

In a basic subscription, the monthly fee contains user accounts and sensor datapoints. The pricing model is striped, which means decreasing following the number of datapoints.

We also offer an enterprise license with custom deals according to the customer’s needs.