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Asset Insider brings 360-degree control at every stage of the asset lifecycle and creates alignment across the value chain with full data transparency, predictable operations, and high asset efficiency."

Sappience digital  
Type: SaaS Offering
TRL: 9


imos iX accompanies manufacturers of furniture and interior furnishings from sales through planning, presentation and construction to production. The 3D construction tools are linked with modern machines and new communication platforms.

imos AG  
Type: Solution Offering
TRL: 9


ccLEAP is a comprehensive integrated manufacturing information system. We offer solutions suitable for most production environments. Our systems can be used in specialized tool and die shops as well as in large batch production. Our aim is to optimise production management and production flow. Our major modules are: ccLEAP OEE Machine monitoring, ccLEAP digitally supported maintenance, ccLEAP MES and digital twins.

Inkolteh d.o.o.  
Type: Software, consultancy
TRL: 9


Computing power (HPC, cloud, server virtualization), data storage and management for scalable services including cloud services, on-demand applications, data archiving and synchronization, digital repositories or education platforms.

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center  
Type: IaaS, Paas, SaaS
TRL: 9

Mainsim is a CMMS/EAM comprehensive and reliable maintenance software with a simple user-friendly interface to organize, schedule, and manage all buildings, machine, and property maintenance actions and allow you to collaborate in real-time with your team, customers, and suppliers on one shared platform.

Mainsim srl  
Type: SaaS
TRL: 9


The solution provides a complex, customizable, and scalable backend and dashboard system for manufacturers to monitor and visualize their operations. Data can come from various sources: sensors, PLCs, etc. Based on the collected and integrated data, we build customized digital twins for individual producing steps or whole processes.

Cubilog Ltd.  
Type: Software, Consultancy
TRL: 9