Maccion OEE 

The advanced system to monitor the factory effectiveness and manage the production in real-time.

Maccion Lean Solutions SL
Type: Software and consultancy during the implementation
TRL: 9

Maccion OEE® provides smart management of the production data to plan, measure and improve.

Some of the modules of this solution are:

  • Real Time Machine Operations Monitoring System
  • Predictive Maintenance Based on Data Analytics and AI
  • Visual analytics for automatic quality control

The main features of this tool are:

  • Smart scheduling of the production orders
  • Plant monitoring with user-friendly dashboards
  • Non-intrusive data capture of the machines behaviour
  • User interfaces for the workers to control the tasks, quality checklists and easy access to documentation
  • Advanced tools to analyse the information and easily measure, manage and improve


The solution is fully developed by Maccion and has no dependencies with other products or solutions. The rights and license also belong to Maccion.


Maccion means the best solution to improve the production and logistics processes with little investments by integrating all kinds of IoT devices and platforms.

Our management systems will “feel and control your supply chain in real-time” with the premises of flexibility, scalability and connectivity.

We design and produce our OWN HARDWARE and also develop our OWN SOFTWARE for devices, platforms or data integrations. So, let us smart your business with little investments!

Our range of services:

  • Deployment of production and logistics management systems
  • Consultancy and integrations for the digital transformation
  • Development of IoT devices and business intelligence platforms


This solution has been successfully implemented more than 25 customers in the last 2 years, mainly Manufacturing SMEs. Here you can check some of the success cases.


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