Type: Software
TRL: 9

PlantQuest provides a visual representation of your facility allowing managers, teams and contractors of all disciplines to view and consume critical information pertaining to their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. It’s intuitive, user-friendly interface provides a Google Maps type experience that allows multiple data sources in one view to be viewed in the context of the facility.

This results in more informed decision making and insights in areas such as operations, maintenance & facilities, training and EHS. Optimised for both green and brownfield facilities, PlantQuest is a solution for your global facility portfolio. With a modern cloud-based architecture, PlantQuest can be rapidly deployed across users in your facility. Available on desktop & tablet or through an SDK, PlantQuest is designed from an integration first perspective.


The price of PlantQuest is dependent on the size of the facility and use case(s)/functionality required. Implementation range: €40,000 - €100,000 Annual Licence: €5,000 - €25,000


PlantQuest has been adopted by many of the worlds leading life science facilities around the world. The Google maps type system is deployed on desktops, and tablets in the field.

To date, our customers are experiencing a reduction in alarm response times by up to 75%, and teams are saving 1,000 of hours per year locating assets and executing work. In turn less downtime and more output.


Its like Google Maps for your facility. Simply search a tag to locate any asset or alarm and its information.

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PlantQuest is built from an integration-first perspective allowing you to leverage your existing data sources. PlantQuest can integrate with all CMMS, BMS, Fire, MES, IoT, Calibration, ERP, CAFM and EHS systems.