Digital twin for maintenance 

Digital twin for predictive maintentance of machinery

Oscar Cosido Cobos 
Type: sofware as a service/consultancy/data analytics
TRL: 7

We develop and integrate tailor-made digital twins for preventive maintenance, composed by:

  • An IoT network and monitoring system to collect data about relevant or critical parameters from equipment, eg. Temperature and humidity of the working enviroment, vibrations, light, number of certain movements, etc
  • Database or datalake: data are compiled in a secure, structured database
  • Dashboard, or visual interface, easy to use, as web or mobile application or even through Smart AR glasses (hands-free), to gain insight and control trough visualization of data, graphs, setting thresholds and alarms, and further on
  • Predictive module: with the data gathered, we develop machine Learning algorithms that tell us future situations about the status of machinery and allow to make simulatons, e.g. what would happen if temperature is increased.
  • Virtual environment as a 3D inverse engineering, in which the relevant data can be visualized, by navigating through the virtual replica of the factory.

All these modules are part of the digital twin, but can be also integrated separately as independent modules.

IPR / Licence

Requirements: good Wireless connection

Price: depending on the number of machines to be controlled, number of parameters to measure, and complexity, format of the data, and dimensions of the factory (for the virtual environment).

Contact Person

Olaya Munoz

Oscar Cosido


Connect with:

  • Predictive module
  • Dashboard (web application)
  • Virtual environment of the DT
  • Smart AR glasses

For further information or for enquiries about possibilities of connection or integration with other Solutions (belonging or not to UPintelligence), please contact Olaya Munoz and Oscar Cosido.