Applications for AR Smart glasses 

Applications for AR Smart glasses

Oscar Cosido Cobos 
Type: SaaS - Software as a service/consultancy/hardware
TRL: 7

We develop and integrate tailor-made applications for Smart glasses, that can be used as part of the operational tasks of a digital twin. The glasses allow bidirectional communication, so the applications can be AR applications for inspection, control or visualization, in which images, short videos or material can be displayed on its own or overlapped to the current, real image that the user is visualizing, for explanation and formative purposes. All the modules of the digital twin can be integrated in the glasses, for control and visualization: IoT monitoring system: the AR glasses can be used to control the parameters that are being gathered in real time by the sensors and tother devices for measurements, by allowing to visualize either the raw data or the graphs that are generated Platform for traceability: the visual interface of the traceability platform can be integrated in the glasses, for real time of control of stock Virtual storage: by integrating the virtual environment of the desired process or dependencies in the AR glasses, the user can know, remotely and in real time, the current situation of the storage facilities. By navigating the space virtually and selecting the ítems or spaces, the system could give information about quantities, prices, or any other desired information Predictive module: with this module integrated in the the AR glasses, the user can see, as graphs, numbers of the desired format, predictions about the process, simulations, etc. Predictive maintenance: by integrating the module of predictive maintenance, the user is able to detect, when staring at the machine, any abnormal functioning, as well as foresee its shelf life.

IPR / Licence

Requirements: good Wireless connection Price: depending on the complexity of the desired application/s. The final proce always include the hardware (glasses)

Contact Person

Olaya Munoz

Oscar Cosido


Connect with:

  • Platform for traceability
  • Predictive module
  • IoT monitoring system
  • Platform for predictive maintenance
  • Dashboard (web application)
  • Virtual environment of the DT