Fully integrated storefront for manufacturers with no to low integration 

Improve your digital sales channel with one-click storefront for small manufacturers with fully integrated order to cash process

Enspan Innovations LTD  
Type: Software offerring, SaaS
TRL: 9

We connect to various ERPs, pulling data and structure it against asset’s record. Any time data about an asset/product comes in to us, we are adding it to that to the asset’s record slowly building asset’s traceability. The more data points we have, the reacher “digital twin” is. We incentivize company to connect to us through operational savings and efficiencies - please see several screen shot Users allowed to see what they have right to see based on pre-established permission rules Each event can be clicked through to obtain more info (if the user has the access rights) Events/documents can be forwarded/shared with other parties by authors More events can be added to the traceability timeline All data is encrypted and further secured by blockchain

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