Digital twin and AI services for plants and processes 

Digital twin and AI services for production processes

Industrial Analytics IA GmbH
Type: Consulting offering, software solution offering, hardware offering
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We are offering AI services to monitor and optimize machinery. Our solution services are:

  • Performance Optimization
  • Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Energy management

Our digital twin is a multi-layer data model of the physical assets and can mirror the behavior based on physics (RPM, pressure, etc.). In this way, the user can track the difference of deviation provided by the model.

The analysis, simulation and visualization of the current production process status to support decision making or to automatically trigger decisions.

Digital twin at glance

  • simulation and visualization of production process
  • model based physical based principles and statistical models
  • trained on historic or real-time data
  • integrated process data of sensors and calculated soft sensors
  • optimization of process and failure detection
  • understanding of dynamical behavior of the machinery and the correlations within it

Use Cases Simulation & Model-Based Optimisation The data-driven hybrid process model is used to simulate the entire plant. There are many scenarios where such a model is the basis for data-driven decision making and reliable smooth changes of the process. Examples are:

  1. Testing of new control systems prior to changes like new control algorithms or exchange of the controller to decrease risk.
  2. Increases of production by revamps of components like compressors, steam turbines
  3. Efficiency increase by changes in the process or for example identification of performance degradation by deteriorated sealings
  4. Efficiency improvements by better load sharing between parallel operating machines
  5. Improved automation by generation of optimal input parameters

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