IOT Platform 

IOT Platform with Big Data and AI Capabilities

Type: Software Offering: SaaS Offering for Multi-Tenant operation {Simulation, Repository, Analytics, …}
TRL: 9

The digitization of industrial environments through solutions based on Big Data and IoT technologies that allow always knowing the real state of the “sensorized assets” and their influence on the processes in which they intervene.

Monom is part of the Alava Group and has an experienced team of professionals specialized in application development and software project management in multiple sectors. In this way, Monom solutions improve the reliability, flexibility, efficiency, and quality of production processes. Monom takes advantage of the knowledge resulting from 45 years of experience in capturing information for Grupo Álava’s industrial environment.

As a result, Monom converts its customers’ data into information with high added value, allowing decision-making that leads to improving the efficiency, quality, reliability, safety and sustainability of its industrial processes.

Based on the experience described above, the specific objective is:

  • Provide the Monom platform with more sustainable process interoperability, quality and process monitoring, interoperating with sensors in real time.

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Miguel Mateo