Digital twin for OFFSHORE 


EnginSoft SpA
Type: Solution Offering
TRL: 9

The generation of a digital twin for an important offshore structure (eg. the stinger of a pipelaying vessel) allows:

  • To offer projects that best meet the requirements imposed by the digital supply chain of the customer, including global protocols for transparent project data and progress
  • To develop projects that implement a dedicated digital approach, whether specific or global, either specified by customer or proposed by Contractor, which will allow the operator to remotely control field operations as well as to take care of the asset integrity over the life of field
  • To perform construction and operation safely and efficiently, by taking advantage from digital technology (sensors - big data – connectivity – analytics - machine learning etc.), therefore increasingly introducing those developing digital assets with the aim to implement remote control, reduce offshore manning and improve the quality and safety of operations

The obtained platform allows:

  • to make the assets smarter and more efficient
  • to reduce the cost of offshore projects
  • to improve the safety
  • to connect the numerical data with sensors and automations
  • Vision Technology
  • Big Data Connectivity
  • Super-computers and Real Time Processing
  • Multi-variate Statistics
  • Machine Learning

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Valentina Peselli

Daniele Calsolaro


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