Digital Twin for Planning & Scheduling 

Digital twin of a factory for planning and scheduling of production processes

Dijitalis Ltd.
Type: Bundle Offering for individual deployment {Simulation, Repository, Analytics, ...
TRL: 9

Our digital twin enables manufacturing companies to fully capture both the detailed constraints and variations within the factory. Digital twin is modelled in two stages.The digital twin generates a detailed schedule and plan executed in a perfect environment (APS approach) where machines do not break, process times are always constant, and materials arrive on time.Then the same digital twin is run again but this time with variation turned on. This allows the planners to perform a probabilistic analysis to estimate the underlying risks associated with the schedule. With this model, the risk measures generated include the probability of meeting your defined targets with as well as expected, pessimistic and optimistic results

IPR / Licence

  • Commercial license (perpetual or yearly subscription model)
  • Consulting services for building a tailor-made digital twin (optional)

Contact Person

Business Development Manager – Tolga Yanasik


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