Manufacturing Monitoring 

An Industrial IoT Platform

Type: Software Offering - Bundle Offering for individual deployment
TRL: 9

Upkip tackles the problem of lack of connectivity between siloed systems and production resources, which leads to lack of actionable informatCauses of inefficiencies, which leads to prepetition of errors:

  • Deviations between plan and execution, creating resource waste
  • Key production environment parameters to reduce scrap
  • CO2 emissions and compliance, leading to additional costs and possible sanctions
  • Creating accurate and fast comprehensive management and operational reports, allowing compliance and real-time decision making
  • Equipment remaining useful like, reducing operational cost and downtime

In order to do that the Upkip platform focuses on:

  • Remote monitoring - extracting and aggregating all valuable data in one point of interaction from different data systems (ERP, MMS, SCADA etc.) and sorces, including sensors and machines.
  • Creating a single digital layer within the production, a digital copy of the factory and its elements with predictive models and machine learning to support with decision making
  • Asset management and productivity monitoring, including key manufacturing KPIs like OEE, OTD, Planned vs deviations, Machine conditions, Downtime management, Green effect etc.

Upkip helps manufacturers:

  • Reduce costs by spotting inefficiencies in your process via root cause analysis
  • Reduce costs by optimizing tool usage and scrap with machine learning
  • Increase revenue by achieving more with the same resources and doubling capacity
  • Achieve quality and reporting compliance both internally (operations and management level) and externally to customers and regulation bodies
  • Be aware of real-time actions required
  • Achieving maximum production potential through the construction of a cyber-physical system
  • Reduced production costs by merging application services, creating a single digital production space and optimizing business processes.
  • Lower CO2 emissions and achieve green compliance

IPR / Licence

ICB Digital AS

Contact Person

Metodi Amov, Business Development Director Zdravko Hristev


upkip website


upkip website