TRI Soft Digital twin 

TRI Soft Digital twin

TRI Soft
Type: Solution offering
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TRI Soft is a leading expert on 3D visualization and simulation technology. We develop and deliver the most advanced Digital Twin solutions that are custom-tailored for each individual business case. With our software we can create digital twins for the architecture, construction, manufacturing and defence industries. TRI Soft digital twin can help you develop and test your system in the simulated virtual world before or after your building or product is made available in the real-world.

TRI Soft digital twin works by generating a digital twin out of system design files, which is used for real-time simulation and testing. We work with 3D models of the buildings or products, that are made available in the .fbx file format. If not, the machinery or building is 3D modeled at the digital level, reproducing the dynamic processes and behavior of system components, driven by the real embedded and high level control software. In addition, external factors and the environment – like people, products or even traffic – can be included in the simulation. This allows for parallel development of hardware and software, early error detection and first time right engineering.

Our real-time simulation and 3D virtualization promotes a better understanding and insight, which in turn allows system engineers to test ideas early in the development stage. Our digital twins can be viewed on a PC and we also support immersion through AR/VR headset. This enables virtual training, maintenance and better understanding of your machinery or building.

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Commercial license: one-time analysis and development cost + annual subscription support

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Stefan Stavrev


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