Prespective Digital Twin Software 

Digital Twin software for Unity

Unit040 Ontwerp B.V.
TRL: 9

Unit040 is an expert on smart visualization and simulation technology. Unit040 develops and delivers the most advanced Digital Twin platform for the High Tech Industry, Infrastructure and Aerospace: Prespective. With Prespective, you can develop and test your machine or system in the virtual world, before the real machine exists.

Prespective works by generating a digital twin out of system design files, which is used for real-time simulation and testing. The machinery or factory is fully modelled at the digital level, reproducing the dynamic processes and behavior of system components, driven by the real embedded and high level control software. In addition, external factors and the environment – like people, products or even traffic – can be included in the simulation. This allows for parallel development of hardware and software, early error detection and first time right engineering.

Simulation and Virtualization provide overview and insight, allowing system engineers to test assumptions early in the development process. A Prespective simulation can be viewed on a PC screen, but we also support immersion through Virtual- and Augmented Reality. This enables functional testing, virtual training and maintenance.

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