Low-code machine-control 

Cordis SUITE: Low-code platform for machine-control applications

Cordis Products B.V.  
Type: Software Package
TRL: 9

Cordis is a software company and a supplier of a proprietary low-code software development platform for machine-control applications, with offices in the Netherlands and Spain. It provides a solution to realized machine-control software easily and quickly.

Cordis SUITE offers a cross-platform solution, supporting multi-vendor PLC-controllers and also Embedded-controllers running C# Linux/Windows (with a footprint as small as a Raspberry Pi 3).

It provides a software development solution that allows the development process to focus strictly on the behavior of the machine and not on the coding implementation.

Describing software behavior in graphical UML Object and State diagrams, makes it possible that non-software domain engineers can actively contribute to the detailed development of software.

The lines of code are automatically and error-free generated from the low-code models.

Within the Change2Twin project, documentation technology of Author-e is integrated in the Cordis SUITE platform and offered to the marked in a combined solution. Author-e offers an online document editing environment, that enables the Cordis SUITE low-code platform to enrich the graphical models with documentation content; and to create by a single click the according complete design documentation in different formats.

The Cordis SUITE low-code platform is used by machine-control application developers from different disciplines, so also non-software engineers. In this co-development process it’s important to support easy access to the design documentation but also that it is always (automated) up-to-date with the design models and the running software on the machine.

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