Marketplace landing page service 

Marketplace landing page running as a service

Michal Kulczewski 
Type: Software as a Service
TRL: 6

The marketplace landing page service enables running and operating marketplace in as-a-service manner. It is a package, consisting of open-source front-end and CB middleware, that is deployed on cloud infrastructure. (TBD)

IPR / Licence

  • Middleware – IPR CB

  • Markdown, Jekyll – IPR (Open Source, Community)

  • Search Engine – optional use of external service

  • Modelling Environment – optional as Add-On

Contact Person

Michal Kulczewski


  • Change2Twin D2.1

  • Change2Twin D2.2

  • Video form your Marketplace presentation at Webinar DIH – YouTube


  • Slide set from Marketplace presentation at Webinar DIH – PDF of slides