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Marketplace Semantic Search - Academic

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Robert Woitsch 
Type: Application
TRL: 4

The semantic search has been created as a special feature of the Marketplace model defined in ADOxx enabling the search for marketplace items based on associations between the items and semantic concepts defined in a Triple Store. This enables the user to find the most fitting marketplace item for a specific need, exploring not only from items of a single marketplace but from all the items imported from different marketplaces.

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A specific model type is introduced for this scope in order to define the capabilities of the marketplace item and the user requirements. The requirements can be defined manually or extracted and associated to scenes representing the use case. A semantic matching is then performed in order to infer which item fit better the needed requirements. The matching return a matrix view where, for each marketplace model available, all the items matching each requirement are visualized.

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The functionality goes to enrich the query search feature of ADOxx that enables a search based on keywords and item metadata like TRL or license type.

IPR / Licence

The Marketplace Semantic Search is provided as an open source application provided by BOC at

ADOxx for academic purpose is open use and a set of model-based solutions are open source provided by BOC at

Contact Person

Robert Woitsch



1) Download the marketplace semantic search standalone package from the Change2Twin developer space of the ADOxx community.

2) Unpack the downloaded package and follow the instructions in the README file inside the package.