Seven Step strategy for Digital Twins 

Joke Bruining 
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The seven step approach by TNO helps you start your Digital Twinning journey. TNO provides workshops for companies wanting to define their strategy and formulate an action plan that is directly useable for a work breakdown structure.

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The seven steps comprise of:

  1. Start with WHY: The first step is to clearly state WHY an SME is considering digitalization and Digital Twinning. There are many different digitalization solutions available. Digital Twinning is only one of them

  2. Asset Selection: In the second step an SME chooses the asset to twin, mainly criticality and business impact direct this choice about scope.

  3. Infrastructure: This step is about creating the appropriate infrastructure for the digital twin: bringing sensors live and enabling information flows

  4. Twin Building: The Digital Twin is built and tested in this step

  5. Live Operation: The Digital Twin uses live date to compare the observed with the expected, to detect anomalies, to reason about events, and to predict the assets’ future behavior.

  6. Business Action: In this step an SME reaps the benefits from the Digital Twin. How is the Digital Twin affecting business and processes and how do expectations compare to the actual outcomes.

  7. Cradle to Grave: In this last step it is important to keep the Digital Twin synchronized with the physical world and establish accurate knowledge management.

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