Smart Connected Factory 

Joke Bruining 
Type: Software Tool / SaaS solution + project work
TRL: 7

Digital Twins use data from the factory, but how do you obtain this data from your equipment? Smart Connected Factory is the basic infrastructure to collect data from your equipment. The Framework also enables you to gain insight by setting up simple dashboards by yourself.

And of course it is a perfect way to link data, models & business processes together in an easy way that enables applications suiting your purposes.

Description of process

Make an overview of your requirements and the equipment that will be connected. Check for the communication options of this equipment (we prefer to use standards such as OPC-UA) and create connectors if needed.

A short implementation session (half-day up to a few days total) will ensure everything is in working order. After this you are in control to create dashboards, use the data in other applications etc. We provide support and help with starting up.

IPR / Licence

Commercial license

Contact Person

Joke Bruining


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