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What is EDMSdk?

EDMsdk, used by both CAD/PLM vendors and leading OEMs for data interoperability, is the EXPRESS Data Manager software developer kit. The product is intended for application developers who wants to include EXPRESS Data Manager functionality in their applications.

Application programmers may use EDMsdk libraries to create standalone desktop applications or to connect to any of the EDMsixServer applications that is EDMmodelServer, EDMtruePLM and EDMopenSimDM to execute EDMmethods installed in the EDMdatabase. Access to installed EDMmethods will be granted by the EDMsixServer administrator. EDMmethods may be built-in functionality or plug-in functionality like area calculation, collision control and validation of information requirements.

EDMsdk libraries offer functionality for creating local EDMdatabases. Data sets may be imported into this local EDMdatabase from a range of STEP and buildingSMART formats, including P21, P28, AP242 XML, ifc and ifcXML.

The EDMsdk libraries provide functionality for operating on STEP and buildingSMART populations stored in an EDMdatabase. There is basically no difference between the EDMdatabase used by an EDMsixServer, and the EDMdatabase that may be created by the EDMsdk locally on your lap top. This makes it possible for application developers to write transparent code and to simulate an EDMsixServer in their own development environment.

The EDMsdk provides a set of EDMInterface language bindings for application programmers.

  • EDMInterface/C

  • EDMInterface/C++

  • EDMInterface/.Net

  • EDMInterface/Java

  • EDMInterface/Visual Basic

In order to provide a user friendly client-server application development environment, the EDMsdk allows setting up an EDMdevelopmentServer locally on the same host where the EDMsdk is installed. This makes it possible to test applications against a real server process in a local development environment. Using an EDMdevelopmentServer also makes it possible to use client applications like EDMsupervisor and EDMconsole to supervise the effects of your applications on a population.

EDMsdk comes in different flavors for different user groups. There are five such tailored versions of the EDMsdk available.

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