Isogeometric Finite Element Methods (IFEM)

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Type: software-offering-library
TRL: 5

IFEM is an object-oriented toolbox for implementing isogeometric finite element solvers for linear and nonlinear partial differential equations. The main toolbox together with structural mechanics applications was initially developed through the ICADA project at SINTEF Digital in collaboration with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and has since been extended and improved in various other projects.

The purpose of IFEM is to serve as a common base for isogeometric PDE-simulators, using B-splines and NURBS as basis functions in the finite element formulations. The toolbox contains methods for doing linear and non-linear, stationary and dynamic time-domain analyses, as well as eigenvalue analyses. IFEM is parallelized using the PETSc library and enables adaptive refinement using Locally Refined B-splines (LR B-splines) based on residual or recovery methods for a posteriori error estimation. The simulation toolbox is organized into a set of modules, organized as class hierarchies implemented in the C++ language. Many applications have been built on top of the toolbox, such as linear and nonlinear elasticity, Darcy flow, fracture dynamics, fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction. All applications have a rigorous set of regression tests which also serves a second purpose as getting started examples.

IPR / Licence

IFEM is copyright of the CSE group at SINTEF Digital, Department of Mathematics and Cybernetics.

IFEM is available under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

Contact Person

Trond Kvamsdal


Homepage: https://www.sintef.no/en/digital/departments-new/applied-mathematics/simulation/expertise22/isogeometric-analysis1/


Documentation for IFEM is available on: https://github.com/OPM/IFEM/wiki


Source code is openly available on: https://github.com/OPM/IFEM